50% of Americans Have Tried Marijuana

Marijuana Use
Marijuana Use

A nationwide poll shows that approximately 50% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once. The results of the poll confirmed what many cannabis industry observers have long known: that cannabis use is becoming more and more popular, particularly among younger adults. What does the increased acceptance of marijuana use mean for the future of marijuana legalization efforts? Keep reading this blog to learn more.

Gallup Poll: Roughly Half of All Americans Report Using Marijuana At Least Once

A recent poll conducted by Gallup, the company known for large-scale public opinion surveys, found that 49% of U.S. adults have used marijuana. The poll asked respondents whether they had “ever happened to try marijuana,” and nearly half of respondents answered “yes.”

Voters in several states passed marijuana legalization measures in the 2020 election, and additional states like New Mexico, New York, and Virginia have also legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2021. These new cannabis laws have passed at the same time that cannabis use has become more accepted, and the Gallup survey results are just another indication of how normalized and mainstream marijuana is these days. Whereas earlier versions of the Gallup poll found support for cannabis legalization holding steady at roughly 30%, there was a noticeable surge in support in the most recent poll.

The numbers also show a noticeable difference between young adults and older adults when it comes to marijuana use. While roughly 50% of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers responded that they have “experimented” with marijuana, that number drops considerably to just 19% among people who were born before 1946. It is also worth noting that marijuana use by men (16%) is nearly twice as high as marijuana use by women (9%).

Regular Cannabis Use Also on Rise Among U.S. Adults

Although there are nearly as many people who have tried marijuana as those who have not, the number of individuals who “actively” smoke marijuana is significantly lower. According to the Gallup poll, 12% of adults in the United States use cannabis on a regular basis. However, this still represents an increase over earlier polls: in 2013, just 7% of Americans answered “yes” when asked if they routinely use cannabis. Additionally, Gallup observed that the percentage of American adults who admit to smoking marijuana in 2021 is nearly as high as the percentage of American adults who admit to smoking cigarettes.

It is also possible that some survey respondents answered “no” when asked whether they actively smoke cannabis because they use cannabis through alternative methods of consumption like vaping or cannabis edibles. Both of these methods have become very popular as consumers grow more sophisticated and educated about cannabis potency and THC levels.

Overwhelming Support for Legalization of Cannabis for Adult Use

The results of the 2021 Gallup poll match the results of a Gallup survey conducted in 2020. That earlier survey showed overwhelming support for cannabis reform measures to legalize marijuana for recreational use: 68% of respondents indicated that they were in favor of cannabis legalization, the highest number ever recorded. The disparity between cannabis use (roughly 50%) and support for cannabis legalization (68%) suggests that many Americans don’t need to have tried marijuana in order to back legalization efforts. It also bodes well for future attempts to legalize cannabis, particularly as more states look to either put cannabis reform measures on the ballot in 2022 or pass legalization bills directly through the legislature.

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Majority of Americans Want Cannabis Legalized

Cannabis Legalization
Cannabis Legalization

The results of a nationwide poll conducted earlier this year show that a majority of Americans want cannabis legalized for recreational use. The survey participants came from across the United States, suggesting that there is strong support for cannabis legalization throughout the country. What could this mean for future legalization efforts? And how might this affect cannabis operators looking to expand into new territories? Keep reading to find out.

CBS Poll Finds Most Americans Want Their Home States to Legalize Marijuana

In the 2020 election, the voters expressed overwhelming support for cannabis legalization: ballot measures to legalize marijuana for adult use passed in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Since the 2020 election, states like New York, New Mexico, and Minnesota have also legalized recreational marijuana. The trend is clear: more Americans than ever want marijuana to be legal. And now a recent CBS poll on marijuana legalization confirms that a majority of U.S. adults would like to see their home states either decriminalize or legalize marijuana for personal use.

According to polling data, 55% of all Americans want their home states to pass laws making recreational marijuana legal. Among people who live in states like Colorado and North Dakota that have already legalized cannabis for adult use, 60% of state residents support the status quo where recreational marijuana can be bought legally from dispensaries. There is also a clear age divide on the question of whether to legalize cannabis: most seniors over the age of 65 oppose legalization, while younger adults support legalization.

These results are not entirely unexpected given the recent trend toward legalization in many states, but it is noteworthy that very few of the survey participants consider themselves to be “regular consumers” of cannabis. Less than 10% of Americans acknowledge using marijuana on a regular or semi-regular basis, with more than 80% of Americans saying that they almost never use marijuana.

Strong Support for Expungement of Past Marijuana Convictions from Criminal Records

Poll results also show support for allowing individuals with prior convictions for marijuana possession to be given an opportunity to move on with their lives. The CBS polling data indicates that 59% of respondents are in favor of state laws to expunge criminal records related to low-level marijuana arrests and convictions, with just 37% of respondents saying that a marijuana conviction should stay on the person’s record forever. An expungement is an official government action that would essentially remove the arrest and/or conviction from the offender’s permanent record. This would have the effect of giving these individuals a new lease on life because, in many cases, they would no longer have permanent criminal records, and they would likely have greater success when applying for jobs, public housing, and government loans in the future.

Legalization of Cannabis Providing Major Boost to State Economies

As legalization efforts ramp up in more states, the effect on the cannabis industry could be profound. Major cannabis operators are already expanding their reach into new regions where marijuana is approved for either recreational or medical use, and this is likely to continue in the months and years ahead. The economic impact of legal cannabis sales is well documented: states like Colorado, California, and Oregon have generated hundreds of millions of dollars from their local cannabis economies. The CBS poll found that almost half of Americans believe legalization of marijuana in additional states will be good for those state and local economies as well.

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Columbia Care Q2 2021 Sets Record for Quarterly Cannabis Revenues

Columbia Care Q2 2021 Cannabis Revenues
Columbia Care Q2 2021 Cannabis Revenues

Cannabis company Columbia Care has reported another record quarter for cannabis revenues. For the second quarter that ended on June 30, 2021, Columbia Care generated roughly $110 million. The company’s success continues a trend that pre-dates the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is no indication that the positive results will slow down anytime soon. What does the future hold for the cannabis industry generally, and for Columbia Care in particular? Keep reading this blog to find out.

Columbia Care Generates $110 Million in Cannabis Revenues in Second Quarter 2021

According to financial and operating results reported to investors on August 12, Columbia Care generated $109.7 million in cannabis revenues during the second quarter of 2021. This was a 19% increase over revenues from the first quarter of 2021, and a staggering 232% increase over revenues from the second quarter of 2020.

Nicholas Vita, the CEO of Columbia Care, said that the cannabis company’s strong financial results are evidence of its commitment to expanding and scaling in different markets throughout the U.S., including California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Vita noted that Columbia Care increased its overall wholesale activity in “new and maturing markets” to strengthen the company’s national portfolio of cannabis properties. Vita also emphasized the recent acquisition of Green Leaf Medical, which was officially completed during the second quarter.

Columbia Care also continued a major rollout of its Cannabist retail storefront. The company currently has five (5) Cannabist dispensaries that sell company-branded cannabis products directly to consumers, as well as related in-house brands and products like Plant Sugar edibles, Seed & Strain flower, Triple Seven flower, and Amber and Platinum Label CBD.

Columbia Care Dispensaries Show Strong Results in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

The quarterly financial results from Q2 2021 indicate that the top five (5) markets for Columbia Care were California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. This should not be surprising, since most of these are mature cannabis markets in which Columbia Care has a strong retail presence.

Columbia Care also posted impressive quarterly financial results in the following states:

  • Arizona: Columbia Care showed 54% growth in Arizona cannabis revenues when compared to Q2 2020, with the higher revenues fueled by competitors’ flower shortage that led to increased demand for the company’s Seed & Strain flower brand.
  • Florida: Columbia Care focused on expanding its in-house product lines, including edibles and other cannabis products. The result was a 46% increase in Florida cannabis revenues over the previous quarter, and a 335% year-over-year increase when compared to Q2 2020.
  • Illinois: Columbia Care launched several new cannabis products in Illinois, including Seed & Strain vapes and Triple Seven flower, which increased foot traffic to the Cannabist Villa Park dispensary.
  • New Jersey: The company’s NJ cultivation facility completed its first harvest, which will provide cannabis products to medical marijuana patients via wholesale partnerships. Columbia Care also continued development of Cannabist dispensaries located in Deptford and Hamilton Township.
  • New York: Columbia Care received preliminary approval to start operations at a cannabis cultivation facility located in Long Island, NY. The company also began the process of adding four (4) more medical marijuana dispensaries in New York.
  • Virginia: Columbia Care continued its active pursuit of five (5) retail dispensaries in Virginia, which would give the company a total of 12 dispensaries in the state.

Not only is Columbia Care succeeding in the current climate that is favorable to cannabis legalization, but there is also plenty of optimism among cannabis industry insiders about what the future holds for the company. Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita pointed toward the many states that have recently legalized marijuana for recreational use, including New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. Vita said that as these states transition to adult use, Columbia Care will have more opportunities than ever before to reach new cannabis markets.

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Curaleaf Has Record Second Quarter 2021 for Cannabis Revenues

Curaleaf Q2 2021 Cannabis Revenues
Curaleaf Q2 2021 Cannabis Revenues

Cannabis company Curaleaf had a record second quarter 2021 for cannabis revenues. Curaleaf recently released its financial and operating results for Q2 2021, and the results show that the global business generated more than $300 million from cannabis operations over a three-month period. This represented a significant increase in returns for Curaleaf over the previous quarter, as well as a continuation of an upward trend dating back to last year.

What does Curaleaf’s continued success mean for the cannabis industry in general Keep reading to find out.

Curaleaf Generated Record $312 Million in Cannabis Revenues During Q2 2021

Curaleaf’s official financial results for the recent quarter ending on June 30 confirmed the company’s status as one of the world’s largest providers of cannabis products for consumers in both the United States and Europe. Those results were revealed to investors, as well as the public, in a company earnings call on August 9. Curaleaf achieved more than $312 million in cannabis revenues during the second quarter, with U.S. operations accounting for $307 million of that total. This was a 20% increase over Q1 2021, and a remarkable 166% increase over total revenues of $117 million in the second quarter of 2020.

Some of Curaleaf’s most notable domestic business transactions during the second quarter included the following:

  • Acquiring Los Suenos, a 66-acre outdoor grow facility located in Colorado.
  • Opening new cannabis dispensaries in Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
  • Launching a strategic partnership with Rolling Stone, including a specific focus on Curaleaf’s Select brand.

Cannabis Industry Excited About the Curaleaf’s Future

Boris Jordan, Curaleaf’s executive chairman, said that the company’s future is bright in no small part because it has “a strong foundation” that includes expansion into burgeoning cannabis markets in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. According to Jordan, these new adult-use markets in the Eastern U.S. offer up to $8 billion in “annual addressable market opportunity” for Curaleaf.

Joe Bayern, the Chief Executive Officer of Curaleaf, said that the company’s record second quarter results are a strong indicator of its position as an industry leader for both cannabis cultivation and distribution. Bayern added that Curaleaf’s “strategic investments in innovation and technology will deliver processing advantages and consumer-focused product differentiation” to fuel company growth in the years ahead.

Curaleaf International Gives Cannabis Company Strong Presence in European Market

During Q2 2021, Curaleaf also completed its acquisition of EMMAC, the largest vertically integrated cannabis business in Europe. Additionally, the company established Curaleaf International in the second quarter, which should provide further opportunities for financial growth. Curaleaf Executive Chairman Boris Jordan noted that Curaleaf’s entry into the Greater European cannabis market gives the company access to “a potential market size twice that of the United States.”

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