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Scythian is a full-service real estate partner for sophisticated cannabis companies. Based in Denver, Colorado, we specialize in sale/leasebacks, site selection, new acquisitions, ground up development, and asset management. 

Why Scythian?

The Scythians were a revered group of ancient nomadic tribes known for their formidable warrior spirit and admiration for cannabis. Used primarily for relaxation and burial ceremonies, cannabis was a central component of the Scythian way of life, which they spread to other groups in what is now Europe and Asia.

Today, Scythian Real Estate Fund LLC is on a mission to educate, finance and refine real estate operations within the cannabis industry across the U.S.


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Cannabis Industry History

In the early days of cannabis decriminalization, cannabis companies were limited in the real estate they could occupy. Many operators chose to own their own real estate, avoiding the risk of losing their location, and the associated license, at the whim of a risk-adverse landlord. The majority of traditional lending institutions refused to lend to cannabis operators even when the loan was tied to the real estate (a practice still common today). As the cannabis industry has grown to become more mainstream, the risk of an industry-wide shutdown has nearly been eliminated, but marijuana’s status as a Schedule I narcotic prevents operators and landlords from accessing most traditional financing sources.

Our focus is to leverage our strong operator relationships and strong track record serving the cannabis industry to generate above market, risk-adjusted returns by acquiring and leasing cannabis real estate.

By the Numbers
Billion Dollar Industry
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Billion Dollars by 2025
Million Monthly Cannabis Customers
New Jobs by 2022
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Cannabis is a $9+ billion industry expected to reach $26 billion by 2025. With over 24.9 million monthly cannabis customers in the U.S. and over 500,000 new jobs projected by 2022, the economic benefits of cannabis can’t be ignored. Scythian has the expertise to navigate this constantly evolving industry.

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